About Our Family Farm

Mission Statement

To provide "Nutrient Dense Food" for the local and surrounding communities.

To provide a natural habitat that is better for the animals and the earth.

To share and connect with the consumer about humanities greatest need,


100% Grassfed Beef and Dairy Cattle

The beef and dairy are raised on rotational pastures, getting to live to live the life of a cow by eating grass and plants all day long.

Never getting any vaccines, hormone injections, antibiotics, or any chemicals,

Resulting in meats and dairy products that are better for you, the earth, the animals, and nature.

Pasture Raised Poultry

The chickens and turkeys are raised on pastures of flowing grasses and wildflowers,

Their small portable shelters are moved daily or bi-weekly depending on the type of shelter,

They get to scratch and the peck the dirt, eat bugs, and live the real life of a bird,

No GMO'S, No antibiotics, No hormones, No vaccines,

Healthy happy chicken and turkeys equals healthy and nutritious meats for you.

Holistic Grown Produce

Produce Grown with NO Chemicals or Fertilizers

Like Grandma used to

Naturally grown in Healthy soil with Natural Compost

Plants are mixed for a more diverse, robust, and healthy

plant structure.

Healthy and Naturally grown = A Healthier YOU

Caring for the Earth and Nature

By working with Nature instead of against it,

By providing habitat for the animals, birds, and the bees,

By letting the animals work their natural cycle of grazing and spreading manure,

instead of heavy tractors and farm equipment,

By never spraying any chemicals on the pastures,

and by never giving the animals and fowls any antibiotics, drugs, vaccines, or hormones.

Nature works best if left alone, like it was designed.

From our Family to Yours

It is always inspiring and humbling to have the privilege to work with Gods Creation, of the Earth, Animals, Nature, and the People.

It was always a dream of helping others and sharing the blessings of farm fresh products.

A Huge Thank You to all our current and new customers. Without you, our small Family Farm would not be possible.

Everybody can be so much help to each other as we journey through life on this Earth together.

Many Blessings from our Family to Yours,

Samuel and Barbie Ann Beiler

Esther Kay, 3 years old

Ivan James, 1year old