Country Sausage Loose

Country Sausage Loose

1 lb. package

Always woods and pasture-raised, Always Non GMO

Pasture and woods raised pork country sausage offers a savory and authentic taste that captures the essence of traditional farm-raised pork. Made from hogs raised in a natural and humane environment, these sausages are a true testament to sustainable and ethical farming practices. The pigs have access to open pastures and wooded areas, allowing them to roam and forage for a varied diet, resulting in richly flavored and tender meat. With a blend of herbs and spices, these sausages deliver a robust and hearty flavor that pairs perfectly with breakfast dishes, casseroles, or as a savory addition to any meal. Enjoy the taste of quality and care with pasture and woods raised pork country sausage.


Pork, Cane Sugar, Sea salt, Vinegar, Corriander, Black Pepper.